Thank you for your interest in Solar Chicago. Through the efforts of many people and organizations around Chicagoland, we've registered over 2000 people for the program and have over 350kW in newly-contracted solar capacity! Congratulations!

While registration is now closed, we're still available to help existing registrants with any questions or issues with their evaluations or proposals.

State Rebates: In order to apply for the State of IL DCEO rebates by October 10th, you must sign your contract with Juhl or Microgrid by Oct 3rd to allow time for application preparation. Once submitted, applications will be selected randomly to receive funds. If you aren't able to submit an application, and your system isn't instlalled until after Jan. 1, 2015, you will be eligible for the next fiscal year's rebate program. (Subject to funding allocation by the state legislature).

Solar Chicago is a community-wide residential group solar discount program that was offered by the City of Chicago, the World Wildlife Fund, ELPC and Vote Solar. Chicago and surrounding communities participated in this program to help homeowners of single-family homes and 2-flats pool their buying power to secure significant discounts that make installing solar more affordable than ever.



Solar Energy Pricing

  Group Price Selected Vendor
Solar PV$3.49 per wattJuhl Energy / Microgrid Solar - See News page for additional pricing details.