Solar & Electric Vehicles: Simple. Affordable. Together
Solar energy and electric vehicles (EV) give us the opportunity to become energy independent, and now residents have the opportunity to buy or lease rooftop solar and/or an EV at a discounted price.

This is the Deal of 2015 for Residential Rooftop Solar
For a limited time residents can receive a home evaluation to see if solar is right for you. Sunrun (serving Xcel & United customers) and Custom Solar (serving Longmont, Lyons and PRPA utility customers) have been selected by a community evaluation committee and there is no cost to receive a proposal or obligation to move forward with a project.

  • Take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit before it expires in 2016
  • Get a $750 rebate (Visa gift card) from Sunrun and $250 from Custom Solar
  • Discounted pricing on high efficiency equipment and turnkey solar installations (including all permitting costs) below market rate
  • Reduced complexity, streamlined process
  • Please note: You do not need to buy/lease an EV to take advantage of the solar component of the program
  • Program registration ends November 30
  • All contracts must be signed by December 5, 2015
Save Money on your Commute with an EV!
You may also sign up to be connected to local EV dealer, Boulder Nissan, who is offering discounted pricing on three models of the best selling EV in the U.S., the Leaf. Or, you can call Boulder Nissan directly to schedule a consultation: 303-443-8110 (ask for Ed Olsen).
  • In just two months 180 Leafs have been sold / leased through SBCO!
  • State ($5,000) & Federal tax credits ($7,500) are available for the Nissan Leaf
  • Please visit the News & Events page for pricing details
  • Please note: You do not need to install solar to take advantage of the EV component of the program
  • Deadline Extended! Must purchase or lease by mid-December.
Front Range Communities Make it Easy
Solar is the fastest growing source of energy in America and EVs help clean up our air quality and put money back in your pocket. But many homeowners may feel overwhelmed by the process and cost. That's why neighboring communities throughout Adams, Boulder and Denver counties have teamed up to launch Solar Benefits Colorado, a program that pools the buying power of residents to make going solar and/or electrifying your commute easier and more affordable than ever.



Solar Energy Pricing

  Group Price Selected Vendor
Solar PV$3.50 per wattSunrun and Custom Solar have been selected by a community evaluation committee as the preferred program installers. Each are serving different utility areas, please see News & Events page to learn more.